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House projects 07-05-12

House projects 07-05-12


    № project 07-05-12

    the cost of facade decor is determined after the design layout has been agreed upon and is calculated individually.

    Depends on:
    1. Number of selected items
    2. Discounts (depends on order quantity)
    3. Shipping costs

    We produce

    Glass fiber concrete products:

    - high strength
    - low weight (hollow)
    - frost resistance
    - environmental friendliness
    - maintainability
    - high relief transfer
    - possibility of staining in any color

    The European style is a bit confused with classicism, these two different styles are perfectly combined with each other and convey a special design in this beautiful country house. Rounding the stairs, with a fountain in the middle, also emphasize the beauty and perfectly fit into the overall composition. Small arches with columns and benches on the left of the facade provide a general view of the entire structure. At night, lamps located around the perimeter reveal all the beauty of this building. The outer walls have been laid with brick, which differs not only with the best thermal engineering indicators, but also the laying of it with less weight, in contrast to concrete building materials. Cavernous slabs of the ceiling share the building on the floors, which is one of the most important constructions of the building, such building material provides sound insulation and heat in the premises, and the stability of the building as a whole. The total area of ​​this project is 301.8 m².