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For centuries, mankind has used many facade elements and architectural forms that give the building a variety and expressiveness of the overall design of the building. The architectural elements of the facade decor also give the building originality, help in resolving issues of the beautification of the surrounding area, moreover, such elements adorn the possible shortcomings of any project at home, and in general, increase the market value of the building. Today, construction technologies are developing rapidly, because the requirements for them in the modern world are becoming tougher and stricter.

Along with the equipment modernized and mixtures that are used in construction. The best building material for the production of architectural elements of facade decor is Glass fiber concrete, in extreme cases it is competitive with other types. The creation of such material was largely due to the desire to reconstruct traditional concretes, to provide them with new properties, to significantly increase their strength and, thereby, increase their capabilities.

In addition to exceptional functional and characteristic properties, Glass fiber concrete is distinguished by its high architectural expressiveness, as well as unusual plasticity and compatibility with the overall design of the facade of the building. Due to the richness of styles and variety of forms in the architectural elements of the facade, it is possible to create such a house project that no designer had previously planned. Using made from glass fiber concrete, decorative elements for facades, you can solve a variety of tasks, for example, using arches as a design for doorways, portals and as an independent decorative element. Different types of cornices, especially those made in the classical style, will not only decorate the upper part of the building, but also cover the sad under-roof area with any facade solution.

In addition, in our company you can choose a ready-made facade solution for any particular facade group. It can be a window solution, or a ready-made facade solution for an entrance group, a stairway or something else.

Also, if it is difficult for you to navigate in our catalog of facade solutions and select each facade group by stylistics, you can use the catalog of finished projects, in which already fully assembled parts to give each of the projects of houses or cottages a complete finished look.

Or, if on the contrary, you think that you can easily find a selection of parts in a house, you can go to our product catalog, in which each detail is presented separately.