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up to 300 sq.m.

фасадный декор фото домов, фасадний декор фото будинків

House projects 27-02-15
The area of the house 203 sq.m

фасадный декор из фибробетона, фасадний декор з фібробетону

House projects 19-04-12
The area of the house 290 sq.m

каталог фасадного декора, каталог фасадного декору

House projects 17-04-12
The area of the house 187 sq.m

оборудование фасадного декора, обладнання фасадного декору

House projects 17-03-15
The area of the house 180.6 sq.m

декоры для окон фасадные, декори для вікон фасадні

House projects 02-03-15
The area of the house 265.1 sq.m

The house designs proposed in this section are more economical options for construction and are mainly designed for construction in the city or for small families.

Facade solutions for these houses are individual and attractive. Facade stucco made of glass fiber reinforced concrete gives even small houses magnificence and refinement. All presented cottages are designed by our architects and designers.

If you consider building projects of up to 300 square meters as a future home, you can come to the conclusion that everything depends on your preferences and the wishes of habits. After all, if you take into account the size of modern apartments, you can realize that now people live in rooms of about 30-50 square meters for 2-3 people. Therefore, a project of a building of 100 square meters for such people will already be quite comfortable housing.

However, after some time living in such a house will still want something bigger, namely the space that will be enough for a comfortable stay. For example, a young family of two people a house of 100 square meters will be very comfortable. However, if they have children, they will subsequently need their own rooms, their own space, which means that such a project in a decade will not be enough.

Of course, you can buy a house a bit larger, but at the initial design change the appointment of additional living rooms, making them technical, or determine their guest rooms, living rooms, a library, a lounge room. But here it is worth thinking about the fact that during the maturation of children, you will get used to these rooms, and one way or another comfortable accommodation will end.

So, if you can safely buy a house of 300 square meters, then thinking about the children's and the office and about the library and other premises, then for several years the rooms will be empty in anticipation of their masters.

If you are rational about the useful area and do not want to continue to make processing, then this option will suit you.

In other words, if you want to buy a house project of up to 300 square meters, it is worth analyzing all possible options for replenishing the family, the destination and the number of rooms, so that in future, regardless of the situation, it was comfortable.

Also, in this catalog you can include small buildings of technical and commercial purpose, that is, projects of stores. Including projects of modern shops of one-storey and two-storey.