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Main application:

    wall decoration (in apartments, offices)
    facades (buildings, buildings, office centers)
    decorating fences
    wall cladding

For Interior 500*500 mm

For Interior 500*500 mm

For Interior 500*500 mm

Price: $15
(1 sq.m. - $58)
Width, mm: 500
Height, mm: 500
Thickness, mm: 0
Weight, kg: 0

Glass fiber wall panels will add beauty and elegance to the facade of your home. Each of us leaving for the city, to the country or to the village probably pays attention to how the countryside becomes similar to the European suburb. Finishing of houses is becoming more affordable and diverse, and the palm tree on the outskirts of the house is held by wall facade panels. Ordinary concrete is a very heavy and rather fragile material, but if glass fiber and other additives are introduced into it, the material obtained in this way (Glass fiber concrete) can be used to make beautiful and reliable facing panels. Modern wall facade panels make it possible to quickly and easily, and most importantly, inexpensively breathe new life into an old house that requires reconstruction. You can use a combination of wall facade panels with different moldings, which will give your home an even greater uniqueness, originality of design and a rich appearance. Our wall panels are great for the weather conditions of our country, they are not afraid of any heat or cold. If you need advice or you decide to buy wall facade panels, all you need to do is call + 48793904561 or send an application to Этот адрес электронной почты защищён от спам-ботов. У вас должен быть включен JavaScript для просмотра..