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архитектурные элементы декора, архітектурні елементи декору

House projects 14-11-12
The area of the house 638,2 sq.m

производители фасадного декора, виробники фасадного декору

House projects 21-09-12
The area of the house 436 sq.m

фасадный декор из стеклофибробетона, фасадний декор з стеклофібробетона

House projects 14-10-12
The area of the house 331,2 sq.m

фасадный декор для наружной отделки, фасадний декор для зовнішньої обробки

House projects 11-09-12
The area of the house 359,3 sq.m

фасадный декор купить, фасадний декор купити

House projects 11-06-12
The area of the house 305 sq.m

фасадный декор, фасадний декор

House projects 07-09-12
The area of the house 300 sq.m

Sculpture is a work of art, which is of a bulk form and is made of solid or plastic materials.

There are several main genres of sculpture - portrait, historical, symbolic, allegorical images, animal images. Sculptures are built in bulk form by plastic modeling or modeling.

There are two types of sculptures: round and relief. Round sculptures are statues, groups of statues or busts, looked around from different sides.

The relief is an image located on a plane, representing bas-reliefs and high reliefs. Monumental sculptures are more related to the architectural environment and are larger in size. They may be monuments and monuments. Monumental-decorative sculptures include Atlanta, caryatids, friezes, pediments, fountains, garden sculptures. Decorative facade elements and sculptures form a symbiosis with each other and form a single architectural ensemble.

Sculptures evolve in two directions: the art of mass things and the art of unique, individual works. Our company is engaged in manufacturing both mass sculptural works and unique sculptures, executed to order.