Partners - GaudiBud

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Our company is open to transparent, mutually beneficial partnerships.

In our regional work, we are focused on:

+ Builders;
+ Shops of building and finishing materials;
+ Architects, designers, designers;
+ Active entrepreneurs and heads of organizations who want to build their business with our company.

The undoubted advantage for our dealers and customers is the invariance of our price list throughout Ukraine. The only factor that may affect the cost of the final order, there is a factor of distance from our main production, located in Lvov. To increase the availability of our products, we undertake part of the payment for delivery (up to 100% of the cost).

Depending on the order quantity, the company has a flexible discount program, which is mandatory for our dealers to carry out.

To obtain the status of the Dealer, our company needs to:

1. Conclude an agreement
2. Purchase one of the exhibition stands

Thematic product card (recommendations for filling the cabin):

1. Architectural decor GaudiBud

2. GaudiBud 3D Wall Panels

3. Artificial stone

4. Wall finishing panels (fiber cement)

5. Sculptures

6. Light poles, street lamps

7. Ladders