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Avoiding templates when working with clients and partners, our company strives to be as transparent and open as possible.

We value your money and have been striving to minimize the final cost of our products by optimizing our production, management and logistics processes. In order to better understand the pricing of the finished product, we will describe the sequence of production processes that affect the final cost of the finished product:

The products produced by our company can be divided into two categories:

1) products in our standard catalog;

2) products are made to order.


Master model of gypsum

Matrix from fiberglass

Product pricing consists of:

1) The cost of the Master Model.

The master model is an artificial model of the future matrix, which will be replicated by us. The master model is made under sketches of the designer on CNC equipment or highly professional sculptors.

The cost of the master model varies from 2 to 50 thousand USD depending on the complexity of the product, which will need to be repeated (replicated).

2) In each matrix there is a service life after which it comes into disrepair and it is necessary to make a new matrix. The average cost of one matrix is 5 thousand USD.

У кожної матриці є свій термін служби, після закінчення якого вона приходить в непридатність і доводиться виготовляти нову матрицю. Середня вартість однієї матриці становить 5 тис. грн.

3) The cost of raw materials, which includes:

а) Alkali-resistant glass roving. The share of Alkali-resistant glass roving in the raw material cost of the product is not less than 65%. In Ukraine alkali-resistant glass roving is not made, and is bought by our company in foreign manufacturers.

Alkali-resistant glass roving in the production of high-strength concrete is used as a reinforcing filler increasing the strength of the product in 10 times compared with conventional concrete.

b) White cement. All architectural decoration products are made of white cement. In addition to the highly aesthetic properties of white cement, compared to conventional Portland cement, has a number of important advantages:

+ White cement products are more frost-resistant;
+ White cement in the production of products creates a low-level environment that, in turn, does not cause a detrimental effect on reinforcing fibers glass roving.

c) Metal components, which are used in products in quality:

+ Mortgage (for reinforcement of fastening points of products)
+ Supporting rods (mainly used in balustrades)
+ Brackets (used as a mechanism for fixing complex structures).

d) Sand, water, additives

4) Accrual of wages to the employees of the company who are directly involved in the main production of our products and involved in the preparatory processes.

Before the product is shipped, the steps are carried out:

+ Manufacturing
+ Bringing in
+ Priming
+ Packaging

5) Packaging cost. Packaging is necessary to deliver the goods to the customer intact. Depending on the characteristics of the products manufactured (weight, design features, etc.), we select the type of packaging and send the products in one piece to the end customer.

In addition to all the processes described above, which affect the final cost of the products, we are obliged to include management, logistics and technical and operational costs in the final cost.

Important! The cost of products made to order can significantly exceed the cost of products that are included in the standard catalog of our company. It occurs at the expense of necessity of manufacturing of individual master-model of a necessary product and matrixes for manufacture. The cost of manufacturing master models and matrices is divided by the number of shoots of the required product. The more master-model matrixes are produced and, as a consequence, the lower the cost of the produced product.