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House projects 18-09-12

House projects 18-09-12


    № project 18-09-12

    the cost of facade decor is determined after the design layout has been agreed upon and is calculated individually.

    Depends on:
    1. Number of selected items
    2. Discounts (depends on order quantity)
    3. Shipping costs

    We produce

    Glass fiber concrete products:

    - high strength
    - low weight (hollow)
    - frost resistance
    - environmental friendliness
    - maintainability
    - high relief transfer
    - possibility of staining in any color

    With a total area of ​​only 450 square meters this house project of 18-09-12 has all the benefits of becoming a truly ideal home for a full-fledged family.

    It fulfills all the conditions for a pleasant stay and there is a large number of rooms for each family member.

    In addition, the design of the building has such rooms as a sofa, a library and a cabinet.

    Almost every living room has its own bathroom, which undoubtedly adds additional amenities.

    The facade of the house is made in delicate pastel colors and does not carry excitement and redundancy in the stucco.

    Each side of the building has its own small ledge, thanks to which each room acquires additional comfort, and the facade of the house - individuality and harmony.

    In the decoration of the building's facade elements such as brackets, moldings, cornices, columns, balustrades, pots, pillars, castle stones are used.

    All these elements perfectly harmonize with each other, so the facade of the project of this building looks great.