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House projects 17-10-12

House projects 17-10-12


    № project 17-10-12

    the cost of facade decor is determined after the design layout has been agreed upon and is calculated individually.

    Depends on:
    1. Number of selected items
    2. Discounts (depends on order quantity)
    3. Shipping costs

    We produce

    Glass fiber concrete products:

    - high strength
    - low weight (hollow)
    - frost resistance
    - environmental friendliness
    - maintainability
    - high relief transfer
    - possibility of staining in any color

    Склад проектної документації:

    • Архітектурно-будівельний розділ (АБ)
    • Будівельний паспорт (П)
    • Додаткова копія проекту (К)
    • Інженерний роздер (ІР)
    Project price: $0
    House area 302,3 sq.m
    ATTENTION - the term of the project is 30 working days from the moment of conclusion of the contract.
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    Reviews, questions and comments on the project

    The project of the house of 17-10-12 can be called a project with a fraudulent appearance. The look at it outwardly makes you think that the area of ​​this house is not less than 500-600 square meters, but the area is only 300 square meters.

    Agree, the house looks a lot and harmoniously. All of this is due to the facade molding used in the decoration, namely the terrace at the main entrance, which is supported by columns and a small rounded colonnade form at the main entrance, in the center of which is a fountain.

    It provides light styling of the park area.

    All the adjoining territory is enclosed with classic balustrades, which, combined with green grass, look amazingly harmonious.

    The walls of the house are decorated with a facing bricks of a dark tone, making the light of stucco molding seem especially highlighted.

    The corners of the house are decorated with rust, which undoubtedly emphasizes the non-standard form of the house.

    Also, the distinctive feature of the decoration of the house is that the color of the cladding brick on the floors is different. It is lighter on the second floor.

    According to the planning of rooms, we can say that the house is designed for a standard family, because on the ground floor there are: living room, study, kitchen and hall, and on the second floor there are 3 bedrooms, a hall and a balcony.