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House project 18-04-12

House project 18-04-12


    № project 18-04-12

    the cost of facade decor is determined after the design layout has been agreed upon and is calculated individually.

    Depends on:
    1. Number of selected items
    2. Discounts (depends on order quantity)
    3. Shipping costs

    We produce

    Glass fiber concrete products:

    - high strength
    - low weight (hollow)
    - frost resistance
    - environmental friendliness
    - maintainability
    - high relief transfer
    - possibility of staining in any color

    The mixed style of classicism and hi-tech gathered ideal proportions of the facade, geometric shape and symmetry in this project of the house.

    The unusual design of the house provides an unusual roof for us, made without a slope and any roofing materials such as tiles. This gives the project of the house with the image of a public state building, but this is where the whole of the unusualness lies. The house is very clumsy, and due to the use of stucco in the facade, it has such properties as smoothness and refinement.

    The colonnade was originally installed in the backyard of the house, complementing the style, but singling out this recreation area with its style oriented to retro, thus providing an even greater unusualness of this house.

    Two parallel lions sit at the main entrance to symbolize the well-being of the family living in this cottage, and distantly provides the entrance group with the style of classicism, thanks to which lions merge well with the overall design of this structure.

    With unusual processing, it is possible to note the non-standard imposition of rust at the facade of the building, they are presented in the form of a semicircle, a little breaks the clumsy stereotype of the house.

    It can also be noted that a large number of balustrades are used in the project of the house, it is a stylistic fence of the balcony, veranda, terrace, the building itself, the roof.

    By the way, the roof of the building is flat, designed by a soft roof, one of the best materials for covering flat roofs. This material stands out for its full water resistance and low prices for the materials themselves and their installation.

    The wall covering is made of aerated concrete, it gives low weight, environmental friendliness, fire resistance and low thermal conductivity, one of the best modern materials for country houses.

    The total area is 320 square meters, of which a large part consists of a garage, a living room and a swimming pool, located on the first floor. On the second floor there is a living level with three bedrooms, a bathroom and a winter garden.

    If you are afraid to use such a house for living, you can try to apply it in terms of a hotel or a recreation area.