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House projects 21-08-12

House projects 21-08-12


    № project 21-08-12

    the cost of facade decor is determined after the design layout has been agreed upon and is calculated individually.

    Depends on:
    1. Number of selected items
    2. Discounts (depends on order quantity)
    3. Shipping costs

    We produce

    Glass fiber concrete products:

    - high strength
    - low weight (hollow)
    - frost resistance
    - environmental friendliness
    - maintainability
    - high relief transfer
    - possibility of staining in any color

    The composition of the project documentation:

    • Architectural building section (AB)
    • Building Passport (P)
    • Additional copy of the project (C)
    • Engineering rendering (ER)
    Project price: $0
    House area 313,1 sq.m
    ATTENTION - the term of the project is 30 working days from the moment of conclusion of the contract.
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    Reviews, questions and comments on the project

    This two-story building, blended with classic and European styles with a single color tone, looks great on the green landscape. The foundation was erected with a monolithic reinforced concrete structure, the main advantages of which are technological, durability and also much cheaper than other types of foundations. The base is lined with stone, which not only adds great stability and durability of the building, but also is an important additional decorative element. The eaves are located between the floors and above the windows express the beauty on all sides, and the rustic and pilasters decorated on the brick walls provide grace and variety. Columns and railing, further transform the exterior of the facade of the building. Gently mounted gutters perfectly merge with the overall view of the house. The object is surrounded by decorative fences, which undoubtedly fit into the overall style of this magnificent building.